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Airbnb listings now available within SAP Concur

In 2014, Concur announced a partnership with Airbnb that allowed corporate bookings from Airbnb to directly import into Concur via TripLink and integrated into Concur’s duty of care and spend visibility tools. This was at the same time Airbnb announced

Concur adds voice with Amazon Alexa

The Concur Labs blog has more information on the new integration with Amazon Alexa, a hands-free voice enabled service. Amazon customers can interact with Alexa through various devices like Amazon Echo. Users can “ask Alexa about upcoming business trips, flights,

Concur is growing up, now SAP Concur

Concur announced a re-branding of their name to SAP Concur and a new company logo to match. SAP agreed to acquire Concur in September 2014 and the deal was finished by December for $8.4 billion. This timeline is very similar to

New T&E management book for Concur 

This new 300+ page ebook is designed to help organizations get the most out of Concur Travel, Concur Expense, and Concur Request. Authors include Sven Ringling and Hannah Smith from iProCon and Andy Wittmann from Lyndon. Highlights include: Concur Travel

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