Expensify Focuses On Core Expense Report Customers

David Barrett, the founder and CEO of Expensify, celebrated ten years of expense reporting and spoke about the growing partnerships with CPA.com over the past 12 months. This network of valued accounting partners represents millions of potential clients for Expensify and David says their development teams have rewritten almost all of the accounting integrations to streamline client experiences and to further grow this partner channel. Last year also saw the launch of a newly overhauled web and mobile experience. A very busy year indeed.

This year will see a different focus. Rather than rolling out big new changes, the company is focusing on improving core features and upgrading “all of our hardware inside all datacenters.” David’s rather technical article about SQLite helps readers understand the complexities of cloud based expense solutions and the reasoning behind the technical decisions. In the first sub-section, he explains WHY this is all so important. Many of their customers rely on Expensify’s accounting partners to run the T&E / Invoice operations. Expensify allows these companies to migrate from one accounting firm to another…

“This is a critical feature that enables us to offer such good support for large accounting firms that manage hundreds or even thousands of clients: when a company takes on a firm, we want to give that firm access to that company‚Äôs data, without needing to migrate the company onto the same server the accounting firm is already on.”

The Expensify partnership program creates a rather unique challenge; one that Expensify has solved with technology innovations and improved accounting integrations. David says that 2018 will be “focusing 100%” on common pain points across their clients and partners. While most large companies have already automated their expense reporting processes, many of the smaller companies have not. Expensify seems confident that current features will meet the needs of the CPA.com customer base and give them revenue growth while focusing their technology efforts on infrastructure.