Travel managers can get corporate data from Lyft

The ride sharing platform Lyft has signed a partnership with Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) that allows CWT to offer Lyft ground transportation services to its US based clients.

“Giving our clients the best end-to-end traveler experience is our unwavering commitment,” said Jim Hartnett, vice president of global supplier management for Carlson Wagonlit Travel. “We are excited about our new Lyft partnership and are focused on delivering best-in-class services for our travelers to reach their destinations in a safe and convenient way.”

Lyft Business Profiles first launched in April 2016 which allowed users (riders) to create a business profile and mark individual rides for business to make their expense report process easier. During last year’s focus on business travel Lyft also created scheduled rides, integrations with Concur and a Concierge service for travel arrangers.

According to spend data from Certify, Lyft has gone to 11% of the business travel market share and Uber dominating with 54%. Lyft can service 95% of the US population and entering more formally into the corporate travel industry with partnerships like CWT could accelerate their overall growth.

Chrome River INVOICE now fully mobile

Chrome River has updated its Invoice solution to be fully mobile. Leveraging HTML5 responsive web design, users can access Chrome River INVOICE via web browser without having to install a mobile app. The same URL bookmark can be opened on any device and the website responds accordingly for desktop monitors, tablets and mobile phones.

Chrome River INVOICE

Some people prefer mobile apps over browser based solutions but there are important advantages of an HTML5 based solution. HTML5 users generally have full functionality while mobile apps typically provide only a subset of desktop features. Feature parity via HTML5 continues as the desktop solution matures because they share the same code and user access. The one downside of HTML5 is its need to for internet access. This is why most travel solutions are app based – airplanes, trains, taxi and even some hotel rooms make internet access difficult. But this probably isn’t too big of an issue for people processing invoices.


Spend analytics “vital to increasing value” – Procurement 2020

By evolving past transactional processes and focusing instead on total value, Procurement is becoming a more strategic player within the business. Companies are seeking to align procurement functions with revenue goals, quality controls, Integrated Business Planning and total cost of ownership. Delivering that value will require teams to work differently, learn new skills, become more cross-functional and utilize new technologies.

A study by Ayming, titled Procurement 2020, sheds light on keys areas of opportunity from the perspective of the CEO and CPO. 42% of CEOs felt that procurement would benefit from more centralization and both CEO and CPO felt that procurement technology was important to increasing effectiveness – 79% of all respondents see procurement tools like procure to pay (P2P) and spend analytics as “vital to increasing value creation by procurement departments.” In fact, harnessing big data was a Top 3 opportunity as shown in the study.

Procurement 2020 Spend Report

Getting visibility on spend is a great way to increase your procurement department’s effectiveness. Procurement needs to look at the entire life-cycle of spend and also considered the various channels of spend across the organization. It is critical to monitor and evaluate the processes and systems for leakage – both vendor leakage and also channel leakage. Don’t assume that invoice spend will stay on invoices and credit cards will only be used for T&E.

Key to this is transforming T&E systems digitally across the global, rolling out a global corporate credit card program and consolidating travel agencies. Remember that each source of data will have a slightly different perspective on the spend. Typically CFO/CPO will ‘lose’ 42% of projected procurement savings, with poor spend visibility eroding negotiation and contracting performance between 5% to 7%. Using Expense as part of procurement analysis delivers hard-dollar savings of 6% to 7% (Aberdeen, Sept 2005).

Under-performers have only basic reporting capabilities

IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) survey of more than 1,000 CPOs and senior procurement executives indicates that businesses with top performing procurement departments have moved beyond basic reporting and into advanced analytics. However I would argue that most underperformers are NOT able to provide forecasting of travel & expense based spend. Capturing and predicting the highly fragmented and volatile nature of T&E generally requires a mature program with proper tools and processes.

IBM Procurement Study 2014


Many large to medium enterprises (LME) are looking to digitally transform their T&E process for the very first time. While most of the very large enterprises have already moved away from paper processes in North America, they are often using a legacy ERP based solution or they still have manual processes in locations across Europe or Asia.


New procurement tools


Since T&E often fulls under the direction of Procurement, it is important to introduce technology innovations to the organization. Leveraging modern T&E solutions globally can bring significant cost savings, cost avoidance and predictability of spend.

Certify acquires nuTravel Online Booking Tool

Certify is acquiring a online corporate travel booking tool from nuTravel. Certify standard travel application is focused on small business travel needs. The new Certify Enterprise Travel service will have features for midsize and large enterprise clients. Central to Certify Enterprise Travel is the ability to work with any corporate travel agency for ticket processing.

Certify nuTravel expense reports

This positions Certify for a complete single platform solution for travel and expense of larger enterprise clients. Certify is partnering with travel management companies (TMC) to allow them to offer the new Certify Enterprise Travel solution to their own clients. This might especially appeal to travel agencies looking to stand out from other TMCs in the market.

Certify Enterprise Travel has advanced travel policy enforcement, support for international travelers, duty of care functionality and single sign-on. Over 8,000 companies have used the nuTravel booking tool